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Sakura , the pink snowfall



They say the Sakura flowers fall at 5 centimeters per second. In their short span of life, every breath they take is beautiful. As a bud they are concentrated with all the colour that they are going to ever be. As a blossom they make every onlooker at some point take a deep breath and sigh.They inspire wonder in many, nostalgia in some, peace to others and onto making the present magical for the rest. And when they think that their time is done, none other have such a beautiful demise. The soft rain of the Sakura petals coming down while you are walking underneath could not be a better embrace by nature.The petal rain forming a beautiful carpet on land and a colourful raft in water. And while it falls at 5 centimeters per second it is sure to reflect on the joy that it gave as it lived and as its dying out. It has no regrets that it could only stay just that long.

Most beautiful things last a small time, like the Sakura. As you wait to come across them again next year when your life is in a different place but you hope that it brings to you all the joy that it did an year ago.

Somethings in life come together like the existence of cherry blossoms. While they are alive they fill your life with those various uplifting emotions but they must leave and must go as beautifully as they had entered. The only thing you can do is say , Thank you for making me a part of that magical existence.

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