March 18th, 2007


Iron Maiden - EDD fest! I was there!

By far the best concert I have been to:)
The crowd response was surreal. The stage set up was amazing. The band energy blew me away. Bruce Dickinson was so hyper, that I wondered if he was really 50 .There was a Tank on the stage for gods sake!
Beyond all that, that was some crowd! I don't have a number in place but among all the concerts I had been to, this was the biggest crowd! (I haven't been to the Roger Waters concert :( ). I recorded a minute of fear of the dark in my mobile phone and everytime I listen to it, it reminds me how I felt in there and I get goose pimples :D!
I used to listen to the version of Hallowed be thy name and Fear of the Dark with bruce screaming "scream for me Long Beach, Scream for me Long beach"... but now I can't believe I was there with Bruce Dickenson Screaming... SCREAM FOR ME BANGALORE ...SCREAM FOR ME BANGALORE!
Now if someday someone says, I have the bangalore version of hallowed be thy name or fear of the dark, I can say I am part of the song.... you hear the crowd singing right? thats me!! :))
Even in that crowd I have no clue how anantj found me and my friends there!! I am glad he did!

As my friend Avinash said - "Only when I started  listening to Trooper is when I realised oh my god, I watching maiden perform trooper!" it was definitely surreal!

In Bruce Dickinson's words "You are here to tell your children and their children and their children that you got Maiden to India." :)

My only regret was that I couldn't meet my friend Vikram there, cause of bad hutch connectivity :( . I wish I could have watched the concert with u, Missed u :(!